Soffit and Fascia Services in Des Peres, MO

In addition to durable siding and a well-constructed roof, the soffit and fascia are very important to the exterior of your home. Many homeowners overlook these architectural details, but they can really complete your home’s exterior look. The soffits and fascia are also vital for the proper functioning of your roof and should be kept in good repair.

If your soffits or fascia have been damaged by roof leaks or storms, you need the services of your trusted local roofing company. Home Perfect Exteriors is the premier roofer and exterior construction contractors, and we are proud to help homeowners with their siding, soffits, and fascia.

Do your soffits and/or fascia need to be replaced?

There are plenty of reasons why you might need soffit and fascia repair or replacement, including:

  • Roof or gutter leaks
  • Water damage on walls
  • Water or frost in attic
  • Infestations of animals or insects
  • Mold and moss

Soffit Services

  • What are Soffits?

    These are the panels underneath the eaves of a roof, and the bridge the gap between the roof edge and the exterior wall. Vents in the soffits are meant to provide airflow under the roof by allowing air to enter the attic through the soffits and flow out of vents in the roof.

  • Soffit Repairs

    We repair soffit panels with problems such as:

    • Rotting or mold
    • Poor roof ventilation
    • Birds or animals

Fascia Services

  • What are Fascia?

    In short, fascia are the narrow planks just under the line of the roof, and they are where gutters are commonly connected to the house. Because of this, they need to be strong and securely installed. While many homeowners choose wood for their fascia, we also offer vinyl, aluminum, or other metal materials.

  • Fascia Repairs

    Our home exterior repair crew can also help with common fascia problems like:

    • Broken gutters
    • Storm damage
    • Insects

Your Local Soffit & Fascia Experts

In St Louis MO area, Home Perfect Exteriors are the experienced roofers who can replace or repair your gutters, soffits, and fascia. As professional roofers licensed and bonded in Missouri, we offer full service roofing repair services you can trust. We’ve been working on home exteriors, including roof parts like soffits and fascia, for decades, so we can tackle any residential construction.

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