Roof Repair vs Roof Replacement in Chesterfield MO

Roof Repair vs Roof Replacement in Chesterfield MO

Are you dealing with recurring roof leaks? Find shingles in your yard after a big storm? Have water damage on ceilings and even walls? Missouri homeowners worried about the health of their roof may be wondering if they should get roof repair or roof replacement.

In Chesterfield MO, Home Perfect Exteriors is the right roofing company to call. They have decades of experience in St Louis County MO, so they understand what local homeowners need from roof replacements and storm damage roof repairs.

Roof Repair vs Roof Replacement in Chesterfield MO

Our Roof Repair Services

If you find that your roof is starting to leak, has missing shingles, or was damaged by a storm, we have the right roof repair processes to bring your roof back to full function in no time:

  • Shingle Repairs – Our roofing material experts can match your shingles and preform shingle patching.
  • Storm Damage Repairs – Our experienced roofers can tackle everything from displaced shingles to rotted underlayment with ease, protecting your home after a storm.
  • Home Exterior Repairs – Even if your siding or gutters are damaged, the Home Perfect Exteriors crew can help.

Roof Replacement Process

In keeping with our customer focus, we have a consultation with the homeowner about their roofing needs, discuss budgets and insurance claims, as well as go over available roofing materials.

  • Fully insured and licensed roofers first tear off your old roof and dispose of it safely.
  • Next, our exceptional roofers fully install your new roof with only the highest quality roofing materials, flashing around structures, and even gutters if that’s in the budget.
  • Finally, we won’t disappear on you, and we’ll be around for any repairs later.

Home Perfect Exteriors: Chesterfield MO’s Roofing Experts

Whether you need simple roof repairs or a full roof replacement, you need roofers you can trust. In St Louis County towns like Chesterfield MO, those trusted roofers are at Home Perfect Exteriors. We have decades of experience and partnerships with the most reputable roofing manufacturers so you can trust in our roof repairs and replacements.

Contact Home Perfect Exteriors for a free roof inspection so a roofing expert can help you choose between roof repair services and a full roof replacement.

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