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When you’re constructing a new home or building, the choice of roof style can be overwhelming when added to all the other decisions about the building’s exterior. That’s why you need a reputable roofing company who has experience installing roofs in your local area.

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With years of experience in roofing services from repair to new roofs, Home Perfect Exteriors is the leader in roof installation for Missouri communities like Huntleigh MO, Town and Country MO, Frontenac MO, and Ladue MO. We’ll help you find the roof style that’s the best for your building and make sure it’s installed to last.

Roof Styles Available for Your Residential Home or Commercial Building

The Home Perfect Exteriors crew has extensive experience installing all kinds of roofing for both residential and commercial buildings, and our exceptional customer service ensures that we’ll work closely with you to help you design the roof that will best protect your investment.

  • Gable Roof

    A gable is the flat triangular part at the end of a pitched roof, so this roof type is any that creates a gable, meaning that it has two sides with a high pitch or slope. These triangular pitched roofs are very common, and there are different styles of gabled roofs, including front gable, cross gable, and Dutch gable roofs.

  • Hip Roof

    A hipped roof has four sides that come together on a high ridge, making a high pitch like a gable roof, but every side of the building has a sloped roof section. Where these roof sides come together is called a hip, giving the roof style its name. Hip roofs are probably the second most common type of roof.

  • Flat Roof

    Any roof with a very low slope or pitch is considered a flat roof, even though most have some kind of slope to allow for water runoff. These are common for commercial buildings, as air conditioning units and signs can be easily installed on a flat roof.

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If you need a new roof, Home Perfect Exteriors is the most trusted roof company in the greater St Louis MO area. Contact us right away for your new roof.

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