Flat Roof & Low Slope Commercial Roofing in Des Peres, MO

Of all the different roof types, the flat roof is perhaps the most misunderstood. That said, there are circumstances where a flat roof is the best choice for a new building, whether its commercial or a residential home. The key to getting a weatherproof, durable flat roof design is to work with your local area’s most reputable roofing company.

Flat Roofing Experts Serving The St. Louis Area

In Missouri, the most trusted roofing company is Home Perfect Exteriors. We want to get our local clients the best roof for their property, and we’ll work hard to install their new roofs correctly. We have experience with installing many different types of roofing from hipped roofs with architectural shingles to flat roofs. Let’s explore low slope roofing design.

All About Flat Roof Designs

Most people know that roofs need some kind of slope to let water run off it, so many “flat” roofs are more accurately described as low-slope, as there’s some kind of pitch. That said, their low pitch has many advantages.

  • Flat Roof Construction – Found on both residential homes and commercial buildings, most flat roofs are constructed from metal, wood, or concrete and then covered with a waterproof membrane of some sort.
  • Flat Roofing Materials – You can’t use traditional roofing materials like asphalt shingles on low slope roofs, but membrane roofing systems are common. Common roof types include modified bitumen, TPO, and EPDM roofing are all made of layers of different materials often called BUR or Built Up Roofing.
  • Advantages of Low Slope Roofs – A flat roof is very economical to install and maintain over the years. They also create space for roof constructions like air conditioning units, solar panels, signage, skylights, or even a rooftop patio. On a residential home, they give a very sleek, modern look.

Contact Home Perfect Exteriors for Your New Flat Roof in Missouri!

With decades of experience in roof installation and roof replacement, Home Perfect Exteriors is the St Louis MO area’s most reputable roofing company. We will install, replace, or repair your flat roof with superior workmanship and integrity. If you’re curious about flat roofs, contact us right away!

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