Modified Bitumen Roofing in Des Peres, MO

BITUMEN HomeWhen choosing a roofing material for a flat roof, there are plenty of options to consider for both residential homes and commercial buildings. One of the classic roofing materials is modified bitumen roofing, very similar to a built up roof or BUR. This type of roofing material uses traditional materials like asphalt to cover a flat roof but also the latest in roof technologies.

If you’re thinking of getting a modified bitumen roof installed, you need the help of your trusted local roofing company. In the greater St Louis MO area, that roofing company is Home Perfect Exteriors. We can help you protect your flat roof with the highest quality roofing materials.

What is Modified Bitumen Roofing?

Modified bitumen is a modern version of the old built up roof system, but instead of many different layers of asphalt and fabric, it’s made up of a single membrane applied on top of insulation. The roofing membrane consists of an asphalt product called bitumen mixed with various plastics and additives and reinforced with polyester and fiberglass fabrics.

Advantages of Modified Bitumen Roofing

  • Seamless Roof Protection – Because one layer is applied as a liquid and cures into a solid, the roofing is a complete layer of waterproof protection over a flat roof.
  • Resistant to Sunlight – Modified bitumen roofs are highly heat resistant, and reflective coatings also make them UV ray resistant, which increases energy efficiency in the building.
  • Weatherproof – The nature of a flat roof makes it wind resistant, but a modified bitumen roof is also completely waterproof and resistant to the physical damage caused by hail or debris.
  • Easy Installation and Repairs – Because it’s made up of sheets, modified bitumen roofing can be easy to install, which keeps costs low, but that also makes it easy to repair.

Your Trusted Flat Roofing Installation Company

Home Perfect Exteriors is the trusted roofing and siding construction company in the West St Louis area, and we got there by treating all customers, both commercial and residential, with respect and integrity. Our focus on quality workmanship and customer services means that you’ll get the best roof installation experience possible.

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