Roof Repair Services in Des Peres, MO

Roof Repair Services in Des Peres, MOIf a major storm has rolled through your neighborhood or your roof has been on your home for decades, your home may need roof repairs. Lifted shingles, missing shingles, recurring leaks, or siding damage can all be repaired by a reputable roofing and home exterior repair company.

Your Local Roof Repair Experts: Home Perfect Exteriors

For roof repair in the St Louis MO area, Home Perfect Exteriors is the most trusted and reputable roofing company. We have extensive experience with repairing all kinds of roofing from asphalt shingles to flat roofs, including storm damage repairs. We’re proud to serve both residential and commercial clients all around St Louis in communities like Ballwin, Des Peres, Kirkwood, Creve Coeur, and Chesterfield MO.

Storm Damage Repairs

Storms can really do a number on your home’s roof. High winds commonly lift or even tear off shingles, and hail can knock shingles out of alignment. Heavy rains can wash away granules that help the roofing materials resist water and UV rays. The roof experts at Home Perfect Exteriors can tackle any type of storm damage.

Shingle Repairs

When your roof shingles get damaged or are missing, the structural integrity of your roof is compromised, allowing water to get into the roof. When water gets under shingles, it can flow through the roof layers, soak into wooden roof decking, and eventually leak into the house itself. The Home Perfect Exteriors crew are well versed in many types of shingle damage, and they can make sure your roof offers your home full protection.

Siding & Home Exterior Repairs

While your roof itself can suffer from storms or just wear over time, areas like soffits, fascia, and siding can also be damaged and need professional repairs. Gutters can get clogged and soak your roof edges or collapse and damage your home’s exterior. Other exterior areas can also get get damaged from falling tree limbs or debris. Home Perfect Exteriors has the siding repair and residential construction experience to fix this type of damage in addition to roof repair.

The Home Perfect Exteriors Difference

We work with integrity, communication, and superior workmanship on every home exterior and roof repair project. To find out how we can fix your leaky roof, contact us right away.

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