Gable Roof Styles for Roofing Services

When building out a new home or commercial building, the choice of roofing style can be a lot to take on in addition to other construction choices. There are several roof styles that are ideal for various types of buildings, but the most common is a gable roof. This roof type is stylish while offering superior weather protection and energy efficiency, so a gable roof can be a good choice, though you need professional roof installation.

With the help of a reputable local roofing company like Home Perfect Exteriors, you can protect your property with a beautiful and durable gable roof.

What is a Gable Roof?

A roof is considered gabled when it has two roof sides meeting at a high peak, resulting in a triangular flat panel at the ends, called a gable. In its most simple form, a gable roof has two roof panels on the long sides of the building, and two gables on the short ends. However, there are many other gabled roof designs that feature other roof panels and gables in various configurations.

Advantages of Gabled Roofs

This is a relatively simple pitched roof design that has distinct advantages over other roof types like hipped roofs or flat roofs. Advantages of a gable roof include:

  • Easily shed rain and snow from the roof
  • Allow better ventilation and bring down energy costs in the home
  • Create more storage space in the attic
  • Easier to install than complex roof designs
  • Can be cheaper to install as well because of simplicity
  • Very stable and can withstand serious weather
  • Ideal for many roofing materials, including asphalt shingles or standing seam metal roofing
  • Creates a very classic building design and matches different exterior home aesthetics

Home Perfect Exteriors: Your Roof Installation Experts

For your new gable roof in the St Louis MO area, you need the best local roofing contractors. Home Perfect Exteriors is the trusted roofing company for roof installation in Missouri, and we have years of experience with new roofs and roof replacement in a variety of styles from gabled to flat roofs.

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