Hip Roof Styles for Roofing Services

If you’re designing and building a new building, there’s a good chance you’re deciding between the two most common roof styles: gabled and hipped roofs. Though popular, these roof types aren’t always easy to understand, and it can get confusing as to which is which. Let the St Louis MO’s trusted roofers, Home Perfect Exteriors, help you learn about hipped roofs and their advantages for your home.

Types of Hip Roofs

In general, a roof is considered hipped if it has sloped roof panels on every side of the building meeting in high ridges called hips. This means that instead of a flat gable at the ends of the roof, there are roof panels. Within this roof style, there are other types of hipped roofs, including:

  • Intersecting hip roof
  • Cross hipped roof
  • Pyramid hip roof
  • Hip and valley roof
  • Or roof types can be blended for a combination roof.

Benefits of Hipped Roofs

A hip roof can be more stable than a gable roof because it has more panels and sturdier construction.
These types of roofs are ideal for areas that see frequent storms because the roof design resists high winds and the roof slant encourages precipitation to flow away from the home.
The area under a hipped roof can create more living or storage space, especially if a dormer roof is added.
The added attic space under a hip roof also allows for greater ventilation, which reduces energy costs in the home.

Hip Roof Installation

With these advantages in mind, it’s very important to have a new hipped roof professionally installed by expert roofing contractors. First, a hip roof requires sturdy supports and durable roofing materials. The hips and valleys also require reinforcing and weatherproofing to avoid leaks, and gutters can be very important to preserving the roof and the exterior of the home.

Your Local Roof Installation Experts: Home Perfect Exteriors

At Home Perfect Exteriors, we are not only dedicated to quality workmanship on every new roof, but also to every one of our Missouri clients. We have decades of experience in the St Louis MO area with roofing repair, roof replacement, and new roof installation.

If you’re considering a new hip roof installation, contact the Home Perfect Exteriors roofing experts right away!

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